Why Be Mean?

-Get a salon worthy manicure in 10 minutes, rather then spending 1-2 hours in the nail shop Unique hand drawn nail art at a fraction of the price

-All of our sets are reusable and contain 24 nails per box meaning even if one pops off on the dance floor or on your way to work, you’ve got plenty spare to replace it in seconds.

- Easily removable, MGS press ons do not require having your nail bed filed down which causes permanent damage to the nail. Being removable also means they are much more hygienic then permanent acrylics which can stay on for weeks accumulating dirt and germs as they can be tricky to clean.

- All nails can be cut down and filed into different shapes to get a look that is perfect for you. Our customisation kits give endless possibilities to easily create and customise our press ons

-Every single box of MGS Press Ons contains 24 nails of various sizes to help you find the perfect match, a mini nail file, and nail glue.